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Nakamichi DSP Amplificador 4x50W 31 Bandas • NDS4835AU

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Nakamichi DSP Amplificador 4x50W 31 Bandas • NDS4835AU

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El amplificador Nakamichi NDS4835AU es un amplificador de cuatro canales con procesador DSP integrado. Este producto destaca especialmente por la fácil actualización de la radio de fábrica del coche, por aumentar el rendimiento de los altavoces y por ajustar el sonido en el procesador DSP.

Manual de usuario NDS4835AU

Especificaciones técnicas

  • Dynamic Range(RCA Input) ≥100dB
  • S/N(RCA Input) ≥90dB
  • THD ≤0.05%
  • Frequency Response 20Hz~20 KHz
  • Input Impedance Low level:20KΩ;High level :51Ω
  • Low Level Output Impedance 51Ω
  • Signal Input Range RCA :5.5Vpp;High level:26Vpp
  • Power DC 9V~16V
  • REM Input High level input signal :Fl+/FL-or ACC control cable
  • REM Output +12V Strat up voltage output
  • Standby Power ≤0.1W
  • Net Weight Approx. 0.85kg
  • Product Dimension 176(L)*141.2(W)*39(H)mm
    Hoja técnica
    • Input Signal Type 4 Channel high level,4 channel low level,support built-in Bluetooth,support U disk playback external wiring controller
    • Output Type 8 Channels low level,4 CH×50W power
    • Output Gain Gain range:Mute,-59.9dB~0.0dB
    • Output Signal EQ 31 band Equalizer Engine:
      1.Frequency Range:20Hz~20KHz,1Hz Accuracy
      2.Q value(Slope):0.404~28.852
      3.3.Gain:-12.0dB~+12.0dB,0.1dB Accuracy
    • Output Signal Crossover Each output is equipped with multi-order high and low pass indepance filters.
      1.Filtering types:Link-Rill,Butter-W, Bessel
      2.Filtering frequency division point:20Hz~20kHz,Resolution 1Hz
      3.Filter slope(Slope) setting:6dB/Oct to48dB/Oct and OFF
    • Output Phase and Time Alignment Each output channel can be adjusted for phase and delay,parameter range: phase in-phase or reverse-phase(0°/180°); Delay: 0.000 to 20.000 ms, 0 to 692 cm,0 to 273 inch.
    • Presets Save 6 presets into the device.